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The Smartest and Simplest Way to Brew
Brewbot Ale

Brewbot uses sensor technology to track and automate the brewing process. Simply follow the instructions in the app, add the ingredients when prompted and, hey presto, you can call yourself a brewer.

Brewing has never been so easy.

Every recipe to get you started

There is a huge database of recipes created by us, breweries, and the community. Brewed before? Create your own.

Just follow the instructions

Once you have found a recipe, simply follow the steps on your phone and add the ingredients when prompted.

Track everything on your phone

When your brew is complete it has to ferment. The best notification you can recieve is when it's ready to drink.

Focus on the Ingredients

A great beer begins with the ingredients; water, malt, hops and, yeast. Understanding what they are and how they are used allows brewers to experiment with processes and styles.
The possibilities are endless.




Brewbot Provides the Perfect Brewing Environment

The sensors provide precise temperature and volume readings, gathering data at every step for consistent and repeatable results.

  • 18L Brew Volume
  • 70% Mash Efficiency
  • 80 Every BJCP Style
  • Dimensions: 121cm x 40cm x 119cm

Follow the Process From Beginning to End

Monitor, track and understand how water turns into beer using the mobile app, from adding the ingredients on brew-day to the day it is ready to drink. Brewbot provides an insight into how your beer is doing every step of the way.

A typical brew day:
Water (22l)
Pale Malt (3.089kg)
Light Crystal Malt (0.103kg)
Munich Malt (0.103kg)
Medium Crystal Malt (0.103kg)
Nelson Sauvin (33g)
Falconer's Flight (29g)
Cascade (24g)
Centennial (24g)
Warrior (9g)
Columbus (7g)
US-05 Ale Yeast
18 °C
67 °C
67 °C
100 °C
100 °C
20 °C
* Timeline based on EU version

Ideal for Any Level of Brewer

Brewbot is for everyone. Don't worry if you have never brewed, the app has a comprehensive list of recipes to get you started.

Know your mashtun from your boil kettle? Roll up your sleeves and jump right in; create and tweak recipes, experiment with processes and spend more time refining your brews and less time worrying about the small things.

Brewbot Ale

A balanced pale ale with a malt body that can carry the depth and complexity of six different varieties of hops, which shine through cleanly. Brewbot Ale is pefect for any occasion.

50 IBU 5.5%


  • Pale Malt 3.089kg
  • Munich Malt 0.103kg
  • Medium Crystal Malt 0.103kg

Brewbot Lets You Express Yourself

Not only can you personalise the beer you brew but you can choose how your Brewbot looks. There are four options to choose from: original (reclaimed wood), chalkboard, walnut or you can choose to work with us to design a completely bespoke unit.

Brewbot Ale

To-do: Brew pale ale for Sam's birthday

Join a World of Brewers

Join the community and begin brewing your own Brewbot Ale by picking up a Brewbot at the special pre-order price, starting at £1,700.

Current orders are shipping in September 2014.

Pre-order for £1,700

Sam's Birthday Pale Ale

Brewed by Sam

How Did We Get Here?

Brewbot is the smart brewery 381 people brought to life by backing the project on Kickstarter.

During the 30-day campaign Brewbot was featured in Fast Company, New Scientist, NBC News, the Discovery Channel and more.

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